Soundology®: Deep Listening Soundshop + Overnight Sound Bath


About the event

Soundshop + Overnight Sound Bath: $75 ($55 Early Bird before July 6, 2019)

*Soundshop Only: $45 ($35 Early Bird before July 6, 2019)


How can we use any sound to take us deeper into the present moment? To dissolve deeper into meditation? To embody our deepest essence? In this powerful community experience, we’ll tune to new frequencies as we explore the Soundology approach to deep listening in a Sound Bath…and in Life.

We’ll begin with a Soundshop (7pm-10pm). Feel what it means to be in alignment or in resistance; in resonance or in dissonance. Can we hear our emotions? Can we feel our thoughts? Through stimulating lecture, embodied experience, and musical meditation, participants will blur the boundaries between senses, and experience a new relationship with their bodies and their surroundings.

Then, be pampered with a sensational overnight sound bath (10pm-7am). Rest soundly all night long in a meditative slumber while enjoying the quiet and sweet serenade, played live with dozens of instruments: planetary gongs, crystal alchemy singing bowls, tuning forks, and chimes. Awaken tuned, refreshed, and empowered.

This experience is lovingly curated by Wanderlust teacher Lauren Waggoner and her team of certified Soundologists.


Lauren Waggoner Rose

Lauren’s passion as a teacher is to empower and uplift each student, guiding them to a space where they can reach a deep and authentic experience of Self that resonates long after class has ended. She provides lots of practical tools, an inspired & supportive environment, and (hopefully) the occasional belly laugh.

A Certified Music & Sound Practitioner, she created Soundology ( in 2016 to offer integrative sound healing education and unique, creative sound meditation experiences. Soundology’s cornerstone program is a 100-hour certification for new sound healers.

Lauren is a lifelong musician and a proud alum of the Sound, Voice, and Music in the Healing Arts program at CIIS in San Francisco. She's been teaching Kundalini Yoga & Meditation since 2011, and is a Level 3 Sat Nam Rasayan Instructor & Healer. She’s grateful to have been trained by so many master teachers in the lineage: Guru Dev Singh, Gurmukh, Guru Singh, Tej, Gurushabd, Sat Siri, and more. She’s honored to be mentored in Yoga of the Voice by the incredible Silvia Nakkach.

Lauren’s also a Hatha/Vinyasa teacher and devotee, and a graduate of the 200-Hour YogaMaze teacher training led by the epic teaching duo of Noah Maze and Rocky Heron. She is a Level 2 Reiki practitioner.

Personal passions include rock n roll, dancing, vegan food, live music, water sports, travel, puns, and literally hugging trees. Connect on Instagram @peacelovesoundology!

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