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Tapping Into Intimacy

Jennifer Partridge
Tue. March 26 - 7:00PM

Do you desire to have deeper connections and feel more love with the people and world around you? Do you ever shut down, hide your heart, or feel uncomfortable with human intimacy? If so, then this Tapping workshop is just for you. Join Jennifer Partridge as she guides you into releasing your fears surrounding human connection. Come and join us, as we embrace our fears with love, and discover the deep connection we all truly desire.


Areas of focus include:

1. Release your fear of rejection, being seen and showing up fully


Strong Confident Living: Breakthrough Master Class + Workout

Laura + Scott St. John
Sun. March 31 - 4:00PM

Are you ready for a dramatic shift in your life? Struggles can make you feel stuck and keep you repeating old patterns. What if you could flip your greatest struggle into your biggest breakthrough? Join power couple Laura & Scott St John as they lead you through an intense 2-hour mindset course and 45-minute full body workout activation that will teach you how to access the tools and confidence necessary to create a completely new result. This is a "roll up your sleeves and get to work" experience where you will leave with your heart pumping and your mind totally refreshed.

Special Event

Work Like A Mother: Kate Northrup’s Do Less Book Launch

Kate Northrup
Mon. April 1 - 7:30PM

Work Like A Mother

A conversation about the dance between kids and career in celebration of Kate Northrup’s new book, Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Busy Moms


New Moon Soulstrology Soundbath

Ambi Sitham
Fri. April 5 - 8:00PM

Come join us to celebrate the powerful New Moon in Aries with a Soulstrology Soundbath.

Ambi will open the Soundbath with a short lecture decoding the Aries New Moon and how best each of us can work with the celestial energies in the month of April.

Following the lecture lie back and allow yourself to drift off into a deep healing meditation as Ambi performs a reiki infused soundbath with a carefully curated selection of planetary gongs, quartz crystal bowls and chimes, clearing your energy field and aligning your chakras, helping you to relax, release and receive.

Special Event

Mortified LA: April 2019

Fri. April 12 - 9:00PM

Mortified LA returns to Wanderlust Hollywood. Experience a night of food, drink, diaries, and laughter.  Mortified (getmortified.com) features adults share the embarrassing things they created as kids-- diaries, love letters, lyrics, poems, home movies-- in front of total strangers. Since 2002, Mortified has been helping audiences "share the shame" through stage shows running in 20 cities worldwide (LA to DC to Dublin), a podcast, a documentary on Netflix, public radio, and books.  Visit Mortified at getmortified.com.



Meditate & Create

Michael Gallagher
Sat. April 20 - 3:00PM

Let go and flow using meditative art as the access point to tapping into the present moment.


Tapping Into Magic and Grace

Jennifer Partridge
Tue. April 23 - 7:00PM

What would you do if you had more magic and grace flowing through your life? Discover this, at Jennifer Partridge's next Tapping / Emotional Freedom Technique event. Together we will learn how magic and grace seek to flow through us in every moment, yet it is our mind and our emotions that block their passage. Together we will release those blocks and allow our life to open up to wondrous new heights.

Special Event

Deep House Deep Devotion Yoga

The 333 Yoga
Fri. April 26 - 7:30PM

The 333 & Wanderlust Hollywood welcome you to join Danielle Karuna & A.K.A. Rahim for the next installment of Deep House Deep Devotion Yoga. 


New Moon Soulstrology Soundbath

Ambi Sitham
Fri. May 3 - 8:00PM

Come join us for a Soulstrology Soundbath to welcome the month of May and to celebrate the New Moon in Taurus.  

Ambi will open the Soundbath with a short lecture on the celestial energies of the month ahead as well as how best each of us can harness the New Moon in Taurus. Soak up some cosmic consciousness before lying back and settling in for a deeply healing, reiki infused soundbath meditation. 

Allow the sounds of carefully curated crystal bowls, planetary gongs and chimes help you to relax, release and receive.


From Fear to Freedom

Jennifer Partridge
Tue. May 28 - 7:00PM

Do you ever feel yourself holding back from life in your relationships, career, self-expression or inner potential? If so, then this Tapping Workshop is just for you. Join Jennifer Partridge as she guides you in releasing the unconscious fears that hold you back so you can live the life of your dreams. Together you will be dared to think big, to be courageous and to take a leap into the unknown... What you will discover is a life deeply fulfilling and nourished by your highest freedom.


Areas of focus include:

1. Release subconscious fears that hold you back


Tapping Into Love + Relationships

Jennifer Partridge
Tue. June 25 - 7:00PM

Do you dream of opening your heart to love, romance and deeper connections in your life?

Often we think that the honeymoon phase is the only time you feel totally swept away in love with your partner or that we must jump from person to person to get that same excitement. But what if heart expanding love could be accessed more in every moment? Join Jennifer Partridge  Tapping /Emotional Freedom Technique expert as she guides you into manifesting your dream relationship every day of your life.

Is this for you? Here are some prerequisites:


Master Class with Annie Carpenter

Annie Carpenter
Fri. September 13 - 10:00AM

Samasthithi: Balancing the Central Channel

This open master class will be a strong exploration of the spine and the movement of Prana through the sushumna as we move through all planes, and in all orientations.


*option to sign up for Master Class Only or included in Full Smart Flow Training (visit our Trainings+Intensives section!)


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