Specialty Class Types

Amplified Yoga -  a deeper house experience

The deep house beats of a live DJ will propel you through a physical, emotional, and mental journey unlike any other. Rooted in deep yogic tradition but delivered in a contemporary way, Donovan uses music, breath, vinyasa, kundalini, meditation and free form movement to amplify the best parts of ourselves. Each week, with concert sound and lights, you will embark on a sweaty, deeply therapeutic ride that feels like a celebration.

As authentic self-expression is a cornerstone of this class, ALL levels are supported and welcomed with love. Come join the movement!

Mindful Mat

A dynamic, 60 minute Pilates class, Mindful Mat is a core-focused practice that focuses on moving with precision & ease. Expect an intelligent sequence of exercises that will target the abdominals, engage the posterior chain, and enhance spinal articulation. Strengthen the neural pathways to muscles you’ve never used before, developing healthier movement patterns that will directly affect how you move through your daily life.

Rad Roll & Release

There is no better way to wrap up the day than with a good rub down. Grab a kit of RAD bodywork tools, hit the floor, and enjoy 45 minutes of guided self-massage that will work out the muscles from your feet to your neck and shoulders. Deep tissue massage assists in releasing pain, opening locked muscles, facilitating proper posture and quality sleep. This class is the perfect complement to asana - stay after an afternoon class or come before an evening class - or just drop in for 45 minutes of sweet relief.

(Warning: May induce drooling, moaning and public napping.)

The Class by Taryn Toomey (all levels)

The Class is a 65 or 75-minute cathartic movement experience. Through simple, repetitive calisthenics and plyometrics, participants challenge the body to engage the mind. With guided instruction and carefully curated music, this class invites students to witness their resistance to discomfort.  The result is an expansive, heart-opening, body-strengthening release.  This class will challenge and enlighten you all while building an incredibly strong, lean, resilient body. 

Yin, Breathe, Chillax (all Levels)

The most sublime wind-down imaginable. We start with 40 minutes of Yin postures (long slow stretches) to prepare your body for - 20 minutes of Pranayama (guided breath work) to tone your mind for - 15 minutes of meditation to prepare your nervous system for - 15 minutes of Yoga Nidra (full-body yogic rest). Ahhhh… FULL SYSTEM REBOOT.

Women's Circle: Healing, Revealing, Support

Throughout history, women have gathered together in circles to empower each other, to share stories of their lives, to reveal and elevate one another.  We'll gather together on the roof, in the night air, holding a cozy space for our laughter our tears and our wildness.  Come dressed for a variety of weather conditions.  We use an inclusive definition of “woman” and we welcome all people who are significantly female-identified to our circle.

Meditation at Wanderlust:

Our program is modern, upbeat, and relevant while also remaining deeply rooted in an experiential meditation tradition. Our knowledgable teachers will guide you through deep experiences based on ancient Vedic teachings, personal philosophies, and scientific research. Our classes are designed so that, regardless of your level, you will feel comfortable and supported. Many of our classes are programmed to coordinate with Asana classes. At Wanderlust, we want to see more yogis meditating, more meditators on the yoga mat and more curiosity and flexibility in all people everywhere. We look forward to sitting together.

Ecstatic Breathwork   (all levels)

Breathwork combines ancient rhythmic breathing with playlists designed to have you soaring. This powerful practice balances the brain and nervous system, clears out stuck emotional energy, expands insight/intuition, and opens the heart – a weekly reset for your life!

Meditation: The Art of Tantric Meditation (All Levels)

In these sessions, we use breath, mantra, and imagination to recognize and ever more deeply experience and live from a state of inner Freedom that is not dependent on circumstances or our own personal history. Each session is an empowerment; a boost to this growing recognition, carving new pathways in the brain and nervous system for living and working and playing in highly functional, deeply creative flow-states.