Trailblazers - Celebrating Leadership in Community and Service 

Wanderlust is committed to the principles of yogic living, which include seva, or selfless service. Wanderlust Hollywood is proud to announce its collaboration with five local charities in the Los Angeles area to support their efforts to uplift the communities they serve. The Trailblazers program commits Wanderlust to local activism, working to take yogic values off the mat and into communities in need.

Our five partner organizations are in need of your support! Learn more about their work below and consider volunteering your time and resources - each organization has a direct portal to sign up online. 

Together we can be a catalyst of the change we want to see in the world.  Join Wanderlust Trailblazers today.



The Center at Blessed Sacrament

A community center in Hollywood that is dedicated to disrupting the epidemic of homelessness and offering resources that improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable in Los Angeles. Offering a safe haven, resources, and support for its community members, the Center at Blessed Sacrament is living-out the values of solidarity, connection, and promotion of peace. 



Groceryships is a Los Angeles organization doing its part to help local families gain access to ample nutrition. Along with providing diet and lifestyle education, Groceryships also offers families financial scholarships to support recipients' transition to a healthier life. The Groceryships team offers community support groups through which individuals and families can progressively work through their struggles while being celebrated for their accomplishments. 



Project Angel Food

An organization that strives to support those battling critical illness and disease, Project Angel Food extends a loving hand to those who have to pay costly amounts for the medicine and care they need. Every day their team delivers nutritious meals to the homes of those suffering from illnesses that might otherwise prevent them from accessing healthy and healing foods. Project Angel Food is making it possible for more people to recover from illness more swiftly without succumbing to malnutrition. 


Tree People

As the Los Angeles region faces severe impacts from climate change, TreePeople unites the power of trees, people and nature-based solutions to grow a more climate-ready city. The organization inspires, engages and supports Angelenos to take personal responsibility for the urban environment, facilitates collaboration among government agencies, and promotes leadership by grassroots volunteers, students and communities. Together, we are growing a greener, shadier, healthier and more water-secure Los Angeles for present and future generations. 


Violence Intervention Program

VIP opens its doors to those that have been traumatized by violence and sexual assault. VIP supports each of its clients by offering opportunities to move forward and re-build a better life for themselves and their families. VIP is a continual beacon of hope as they light the way for those in need.